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Legal servises

Ppenalty law

  • Legal assistance and defence against criminal charges

  • Defence of the civil rights and interests 

  • Agreements for conclusions of penalty trials

Civil law

  • Legal advisement on civil matters

  • Procedural representation and legal defense before all court instances during civil proceedings

  • Procedural representation in court and executory proceeding

  • Legal services on a subscription basis to companies

  • Drawing out of notary deeds, powers of attorney, certificates, invitations and assistance before notaries

  • Drawing out of agreements

  • Registration, transformation and termination of cooperatives, joint adventures, foundations, non-governmental organization

Commercial law

  • Registration, transformation and termination of companies and sole proprietors Transactions with trading enterprises

  • Drawing out of agreements under the Commerce Code and legal consultations on commercial transaction

  • Consultations on bank transactions

  • Drawing out and entry of securities and warranties under agreements, mortgages and special pledges

Family law and law of heritage

  • Consultations on legal family and heritage matters

  • Divorces – procedural representation before the court authorities

  • Partition of property – judicial and extrajudicial

  • Alimony and child support maintenance

  • Consultations and legal assistance for adoption

  • Drawing out of wills and testaments

Administrative law

  • Procedural representation between governmental and public bodies

  • Appeal against administrative acts

  • Representation before all court and administrative authorities:

  • Contestation of administrative acts, penalty decrees and tax acts

  • Consultations and legal assistance to foreign citizens with respect to obtaining Bulgarian citizenship continuous and permanent residence under the Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria Act

  • Consultations in the field of tax-title

  • Consultations under the Territorial Structure Act regarding the territorial and structural plans

Labor law

  • Advisement on employment matters to individuals and companies

  • Drawing out of employment agreements and courses of employment

  • Consultations on collective labour agreements

  • Procedural representation before the court in pursuing labour claims with respect to dismissal, redundancy, compensations, damages, severance payments, and disputations under the Collective Labour Agreements

Law of Property

  • All relevant information with respect to the real estate properties that the client is interested in as follows – copies of documents of title, schemes, plans, projects, property status

  • Property legal due diligence related to property law status and characteristics of the real estate that the client is interested in

  • Drafting and preparation of project documentation – preliminary and final contracts /purchase or lease/

  • Project finance

  • Successful completion of the property transaction

Law of Obligation

  • Drafting project documentation related to all types of contracts

  • Legal due diligence on performance of contracts

  • Transfers of duties

  • Transfers of rights

  • Security interests and guaranties – mortgages, pawns etc.

Intellectual property law

  • Intellectual property due diligence

  • Research and monitoring of the use of Intellectual property objects

  • Copyright advice

  • Drafting project documentation and drafting contracts related to Intellectual propert

  • Advice on effective Intellectual property management

Business consulting and investments

Complex investment examination, Examination is carried out by professionals in the respective field, and refers to the overall site status, and particularly, analysis of legal status, analysis of financial status, valuation of the real market value of investment object.


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